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Christopher Jackson-Ash


Christopher Jackson-Ash is in his late fifties and lives in Melbourne Australia. He has had a varied career in chemical engineering and risk management. Now that his children are grown up, he has returned to bohemia and is concentrating on his first love, writing. His main focus is on his FirstWorld multiverse inspired by Michael Moorcock and J.R.R. Tolkien. His work extends through flash fiction and short stories to novels in other genres, including children’s stories.

Very rarely, he even attempts to write poetry (as his alter ego Kris the Bard).

Again and again, the wargs attacked,
Two heroes fought as one.
As on the floor the wizard slept,
Spent from the work he’d done.

Harder and harder, the beasts pressed forward,
Still the two blades powered.
While deep in the dark at the back of the hut
The bard in craven fear cowered.

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Kris the Bard - 50pc

Kris the Bard